Why Coding?

Echoing our vision and mission, we are not merely teaching children the hard skills of coding, we are here to develop future creators with all-round soft-skills. RoboCode’s curriculums are all carefully designed with structured approaches to fit every child in unleashing their potential, nurturing their creativity, encouraging their critical thinking, problem solving skills, and bolstering their self-confidence which are all essential for their future education and career development.

RoboCode is among the pioneers in adopting below approaches for programming curriculums.

“Don’t just consume things, create things. Take an hour to learn more about the technology that touches every part of our lives. That’s how you can prepare yourself with the skills you need for your future”
– Barack Obama, Former President of the United States

Our Approach

Interdisciplinary Approach

Problem-based Learning

Design Make Play Approach

Theme-based Learning Activities

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